Monday, July 24, 2006


(Fake) interview with real declarations of Michael Ignatieff
Fake interview based on Michael Ignatieff's article published in The Observer, Sunday January 30, 2005.

Michael Ignatieff: "The election in Iraq is without precedent. [...] Why do so few people feel even a tremor of indignation when they see poll workers gunned down? Why isn't there a trickle of applause in the press for the more than 6,000 Iraqis actually standing for political office at the risk of their lives?"
Antignatieff Blog: You right, Michael. Situation in Iraq is terrible. But, to answer your question, it is cause we know how Bush administration has destabilized this part of the world with an illegal war. So, maybe you will understand one day how it is difficult for Canadians to share your lack of understanding even if we sympathize with the suffering of the Iraqi people. Of course we hope that free institutions...

M. I.: "Establishing free institutions in Iraq was the best reason to support the war."
A. B.: Well, is the best reason or the third reason after Bush failed to convince people that the invasion of Iraq was to fight against Al Qaida (but Saddam Hussein was not Muslim) then to find the unreal massive destruction weapons?

M. I.: "The Bush administration has managed the nearly impossible: to turn democracy into a disreputable slogan".
A. B.: Oh yeah!, Michael. But remember, you were agree with the war...The Bush Administration has created a true havoc in Iraq and does not know any more how to leave itself there. That the reason why Antignatieff blog is against this war.

M. I.: "Anti-war ideologues can't support the Iraqis because that would require admitting that positive outcomes can result from bad policies".
A. B.: Oh! Do you mean that Bush's policies are bad? Anyway, you know Michael, the world is a bit more complex. Not only black and white. We can support Iraqis and, at the same time, think that this oil war is illegal cause never accepted by the United Nations. What do you think about the courage of Iraqis?

M. I.: "Since we lack the grace to admit that Iraqis have shown more wisdom and courage than we have, we don't trust that wisdom and courage to save Iraq now.The Bush administration knows that, while its mistakes have cost it any real influence in Iraq, its historical reputation will depend on whether freedom takes root there".
A. B.: Well, the mistakes of Bush administration have cost more than influence in Iraq, you know Michael. And actually, its reputation is done and is very strong... It will unfortunatly maybe take many decades to change minds and to recreate links between people...

But thanks Michael for your participation at this first interview with Antignatieff blog and continue to improve your reflexion on that issue. See you again!